The Rite of Drakonian Baptism of Fire

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This ritual is nothing less than raw unadulterated Drakonian power! Upon midnight of November 12th, I am going to harness the breath of the Dragon to consume the personal limitations of each participant. I will then directly place the seeds of their potential within the womb of the Dragon to be born anew as a child of Drakonian power!
Each individual name along with mine will be reduced to a single sigil which will be activated with an offering of blood after the invocation of Tehom, the Mother Dragon is performed. Then, one by one, a fraction of everyone’s divine self will be summoned into the Drakonian Triangle of Alchemical Transference to unite their collective consciousness as a microcosmic vehicle of the power and potential of the Dragon Mother. All limitations will be compelled to fall, and all divine glory will be called forth.
The Sigil will then be burned upon a consecrated candle flame which will be a physical manifestation of the Breath of the Dragon to plant the intention of this ritual on the other side where the 166 patrons of Ordo Drakontia reside as they bear witness to this forbidden act. This is the Drakonian Baptism of Fire which will pour down upon those called to soar with Dragon’s wings upon the winds of change and transfiguration!
The ashes of this sacred sigil will then be placed into the Womb of the Dragon upon my personal altar. This sacred pot of the witche’s craft contains the ashes of all consecrated sigils of the 166 Scales of the Dragon along with white powdered Gold. Through the phenomenon of Vibrational Contagion or Alchemical Transference the newly conceived egregore will be constantly fed by the monoatomic properties of the white powdered gold along with the power of all Scales of the Mighty Dragon Mother Tehom! The benefits of this will be VAST! These are only SOME of the benefits being made known to me at this time…
– All sorcery performed by each individual will be fed and fueled by the power and consciousness of all other participants and all patrons of the Drakonian arte.
– The Breath of the Dragon will ignite from within taking you all into progressively higher levels of consciousness. This power known to most as Kundalini will be available to you to apply in EVERYTHING YOU DO! Work, artistic endeavors including martial art, learning new skills and anything else you can imagine!
– This ritual is a hidden doorway into the process of becoming Drako Kadmon which is one who contains the potential of ALL Daemon’s in the flesh! The power of the 166 sigils will begin to transfer power which will begin to distill into your aura, then your energy centers, so finally it can be anchored in the flesh through discipline! This will help activate the dormant potential within your genetic code.
– The Scales of the Dragon will walk with you as you learn to walk as a divine being upon the dross of the profane world. Your decisions will merge with their wisdom so their power will naturally be applied through you in practical ways to enrich your life.
– We all know the goal of alchemy is to transmute the dross or “led” of the flesh into the gold of higher consciousness… The sacred powder within the womb of the Dragon containing the white powdered Gold will transfer those properties unto you via Alchemical Transference! Over time you will literally become a POWERHOUSE regarding the amount of power you can conduct as your potential is activated through the synergistic results of this ritual.
There are so many subtle nuances to how the science of this rite will operate to empower you, and the possibility of its benefits are from limited to those listed above. Listen, this ritual as the debut rite to be performed under the banner of Ordo Drakontia may be the MOST powerful ritual ever performed… and I do not know if I will be licensed to perform it again next year. (I hope I will be so the collective power will grow)

Time is very limited so sign up now so we can unite to bring down the limits of mankind and break the chains that bind and put down the weight which oppresses! The dowry to participate in this powerful rite is not thousands, or even a thousand dollars.  To take advantage of this offer you will pay $440.00 due to the numerological significance of this number and the balance which it implies.  $40.00 from the proceeds of each individual will go toward Habitat for Humanity and Feeding America! Through this ritual we will come together to pack a POWERFUL PUNCH to aid hungry families and those who suffer from poverty! Join me in this rite, the next step in the evolution of mankind!


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