Ordo Drakontia is Born!

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After many years of cultivation and spiritual work, as well as facing adversity… Ordo Drakontia is born. One small step at a time, brick by brick, this platform has been built to help mankind in their process of spiritual evolution and personal empowerment.

Ordo Drakontia has the potential to take the world by storm bridging the gap between Ceremonial Magick and folk sorcery, magick and martial art, spirituality and science. Many years of research and development helped to weave all the common threads together as one comprehensive system of becoming and alchemical transmutation. However, that is just the beginning.

You see I wanted to impose the reality of “As above so below, as within so without” directly into this platform so that those seeking alchemical transmutation could observe it work in a direct way. As a result whenever ritual services or consultations are purchased I will be offering a percentage of all proceeds to Habitat for Humanity or Feeding America. In this way the improvement of yourself will also make a difference in the objective world. This is true magick. This is to use power in practical ways. This brings it all back to REAL, and leads by example regarding how power can be wielded toward the greater good.

Ordo Drakontia transcends the limits of duality in so many ways. This is it, the time has come. Outdated ideologies and methodologies have served their purpose. For hundreds of years the world has been ready for something else that is applicable NOW to give power back to the people. The beginning of that something else is Ordo Drakontia.

As an occult author who meticulously recorded experiences in order to empower others I felt as if I had hit a stale mate. Like no more could be done. Then opposition and adversity I had to face in various areas began to simply build this by default. I kept holding my ground, rattling the bars of the cage, and I kept pissing everybody off and yet I STILL got everything I needed to become the change I sought in the world. This single blog is a proclamation of the beginning of my success, the beginning of your personal improvement, and the start of the evolution of mankind as we know it.

Join me as together we may contemplate the next step to be taken to raise the bar higher, and higher, and higher!

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