Vibrational Contagion and the Torus Field

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At the beginning of Belial’s teaching regarding his Black Alchemy I was informed how every single interaction with the people around me, the environmental conditions, and the spirits I worked with had a profound alchemical effect on me for better or for worse.

He called this vibrational contagion, which I have now coined Alchemical Transference. He taught me that every evocation, invocation or envocation (stepping into the consciousness of spiritual beings) would begin to awaken latent potentials within the human being as these more highly evolved energy signatures we call Angels and Demons interact with our auric field through various occult operations. The working mechanism behind this according to him is what science once called “Junk DNA”.

What we need to understand is that these dormant genetic codes are far from junk. You see only 4% of reality is physical matter, while the rest is dark matter and dark energy. The “Junk DNA” is not junk but rather dark matter DNA. These codes are like inner gates that allow us to tap into the creative potential of all that is, and all that has yet to be. This junk DNA if not consciously tapped into then consciously act in their own right through chaos. In theory this unused genetic potential is the reason for dis-ease of all kinds, mental and emotional instability and many other sources of illusory suffering we experience.

All of this was covered in depth in Belial Without a Master, and that gnosis which was received years ago become the working praxis of Ordo Drakontia today. This began to develop a long time ago, but after performing the Ritual pact with Belial the Black Dragon the cultivation of the spiritual science reached a momentum I could have never imagined! Even after many years though, more external sources of information keep falling into my lap further verifying much of the knowledge which was passed on to me. The most recent source of information came from our new allies in evolution… Monatomic O.R.M.E.

Follow this link to better understand their take on the science of the Torus field and how it links all that is together as ONE…. The ONE Dragon. Contemplate how your individual Torus field can be strengthened through the use of monatomic products bringing the light of consciousness to what was once called Junk DNA. Then think of how your spiritual work and the results thereof can be enhanced….

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