The Most Powerful Alliance of this Aeon!

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This announcement represents one of the most powerful alliances of this Aeon! Many of you are aware of the research I have done regarding Monoatomic Gold specifically. Not only regarding the benefits of its consumption, but also how it can be applied within occult operations.
Well, after an accidental if not incidental interaction with the team at MONATOMIC ORME Ordo Drakontia is once again setting the stage and raising the bar by bridging the gap between spirituality and science! This is being done with the help of the most talented alchemical powerhouse I know of. Their cause like ours is human evolution and transmutation.
Therefore we have decided to join forces in expediting this process and allowing my previous research and development to expand through YOU!
In the past I have taught people to extract ORMUS utilizing the Egyptian wet method. Though this is beneficial the adept through that process cannot control or isolate how much of each monoatomic element is contained in each batch. This keeps us from being able to zero in on specific potentials each precious metal offers.
The team at MONATOMIC ORME solves this problem by transmuting the source metals themselves from a state of 99.99% purity. In this way each formula they provide will contain the exact monatomics needed to benefit you in the ways you need to benefit. Whats even better is that their formulas are standardized at an unprecedented 250,000 parts per million suspended within pure distilled water.
This alliance begins NOW even before we announce that our website goes live! MONATOMIC ORME has decided to offer members of Ordo Drakontia 20% off of the entirety of their order by applying the coupon code OrdoDrak20 at checkout!
Now understand that this sponsorship is geared toward expanding upon the potentials of specific products through our own unique spiritual practices. Therefore, it is undecided how long this generalized discount will be in effect. Go to the website. Research the monatomic’s that are best suited toward your specific needs and apply the code OrdoDrak20 to take advantage of this special discount while it lasts!
Tell me what your experiences are and help me bridge the gap between science and spirituality. The time for destroying the hindrances imposed upon human evolution has come!



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