The Alchemical Trinity

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I feel urgency in regard to educating people regarding this subject. There is a Drakonian Trinity of occult operations. Each correspond to specific alchemical phases called Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo.

Nigredo deals with evocative operations meant to vibrationally transmute the bio-electric field by coming into contact with daemons from a place which exists outside of self. These operations are geared toward obtaining knowledge and wisdom. These evocative rites are meant to obtain the knowledge of the Drakonian Arkanum, or the mysteries of reality and the cosmos. This helps to develop a solid working relationship with the Scales of the Dragon.

Albedo deals with invocation or bringing the spirit of each daemon within to guide your magick. In this way the potentials of each spirit can build your reality into something acceptable to you as a divine being dwelling within limited flesh. This process of invoking to a state of ecstatic possession begins to purify you and your world so that the highest divine potential can comfortably dwell within an otherwise dense plane of existence. When performing magick to create change it is good to invoke a spirit which corresponds to a specific “office” of attributions to create the change that is needed and/or desired. They will then guide your sorcerous rites of magick making the “within” start to mold and shape that which is “without”.

Rubedo represents Yoga or union with the Dragon. Rites of Rubedo are what I call “envocation” which honestly have been severely misunderstood and overcomplicated by modern mages. Envocation deals with evoking an entity and then crossing the boundary of the circle to enter the triangle of manifestation to step into the consciousness of the entity being called forth. It is to see reality through divine eyes. Rubedo is the apex of this triangle. If the process of Nigredo and Albedo is not performed then the process is very unstable and can lead to destruction of self. Corruption comes and it is all too easy to become an empty shell without the proper application of this pathworking and the spiritual/alchemical process which is its backbone.

There are 166 patrons of this Drakonian current, and the alchemical process is one of devotion to the Gods, and ones own becoming. There are many ways of approaching this process. The most effective is performing this alchemical process one spirit at a time, until finally the Dragon itself becomes the focus of evocation, invocation and envocation for the period of a year and a day. The last day being the date of envoking the ONE Dragon Tehom to become as Kain/Drako Kadmon. This is one who has embodied the totality of the powers of light and darkness, blessing and blight and has therefore become no-thing which is therefore ALL!.


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