Principles of Becoming

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Within the dark arts, many people get discouraged by focusing too much on specific techniques rather than focusing on themselves. SELF is the primary integer within the equation of becoming. If oneself is neglected self-actualization cannot occur. Self-actualization is the key focus within Ordo Drakontia. Like the modern martial philosophy which is its backbone, technique and the focus on such limitations is less of a priority. What matters is to be able to look at oneself in an authentic way. We must be able to honestly look at ourselves, face our inner demons and compel them to work in our favor.

With that being said there are three primary principles we employ to ensure our work in magick, as well as our study within the warrior arts, are not done in vain. These are mastery of mind, mastery of emotion, and the exercising of will.

Self-mastery begins in the mind. Ironically it is not a “thought process” we are looking to superimpose. We seek to achieve a state of knowing which transcends the limitations of thought. It is a state of no-thought which the Chines call Wu-Shin. This is Drakonian consciousness. How does one achieve this?

It begins by remaining in the eternal now as an observer of one’s own experience. It is necessary to weed out any notions of being either “for” or “against” any experience that you may be experiencing. YOU are the one that must be researched during your experiences in life, for there is no experience without the one who is experiencing. Let me give one example which can be applied to both magick and the warrior traditions.

Enemies! That word creates inner conflict because you are the one who chooses to have such oppositional forces. YOU feed them. You nourish the adversarial relation by having an attitude of being “against” your enemies because they seem to work “against” YOU! The Drakonian Magus does not have enemies. “I have no friends. I have no enemies. I have only teachers”.

If one can simply remain present in the eternal moment, they would understand that enemies are opportunities. The opposition is an opportunity. Opportunity for what? INNER REFLECTION! You could begin to study your own weaknesses to grow stronger. This would begin to diffuse the threat, and when the threat is diffused… Well, the enemy ceases to exist. This one example which can be applied to magickal art and martial art. If contemplated in more depth one could find many other ways that enemies can be used as platforms of personal improvement by acting as teachers. The point is you have to get YOU to observe authentically NOW beyond the ego construct.

This brings me to the next principle which is mastery of emotion. Emotions in and of themselves are important. To try and impose false emotional responses is foolish and in no way is conducive to self-actualization. In fact, it leads to inauthenticity. The key to this principle remains in expressing the emotions in a way that leads to a more harmonious end result. In this way, our emotions serve us rather than create chaos. One thing to remember is that emotions have a purpose. If one has done work on self regarding the mind they can objectively look at the emotion to find its cause, and then its purpose. Then through effective and concise communication, the purpose can be sought out with laser-like focus.

Emotional outbursts waste power. Drakonian adepts seek to invest power toward becoming to transcend the dross of human “being” so that the life experience moves toward divine becoming. “To be” is to be in stasis. We become by observing circumstance in the moment, and understanding that all experience is a tool for personal empowerment within the process of becoming. It is an external manifestation of the inner planes.

Last but not least is the exercising of personal will. Application and work on the two previous principles are needed for this to occur naturally after some time. What is important to understand is that most of our actions in the world start in the mind. The mastery of the first principles ensures that your actions, just as your ability to observe external circumstances as an opportunity will take on the same power. The same goes for economical expression of emotions. The first two principles create a dynamic of synergy which serves to empower the third.

The exercising of will deals with the actions we take in the world to mold our desire into reality. When our thought process is clouded by the duality of being “for” or “against”, and our emotions run rampant and unbridled we become essentially paralyzed. To be honest, this is how most people survive, and that is why their life is focused on mere survival rather than to thrive. Thoughts and emotions will affect actions and decisions. So when a level of mastery is achieved regarding mind and emotion that mastery begins to reveal itself outward by obtaining more control of the life experience. Your actions will have a purpose and you will begin to simply meet the right people, and be in the right place at the right time.

Work toward your objectives will be more fulfilling and enjoyable. Why? Well, you will have no enemies. Nothing will oppose you at all. You will begin to see the opportunity for growth that experience brings no matter what that experience may be. Now it may be true that this is much easier said than done. However, it is far from unreachable. It is not miraculous. If you feel it is then you should not believe that lighting a candle is going to help you with a job promotion or help you get a new home. That is a tiny bit more miraculous compared to simply controlling something called self. Without these three simple principles, the miracles of magick will not truly present themselves to you. That is truth.

Occult power comes with its own system of “checks and balances”. You cannot take someone’s life via magick until you yourself have died to an unhealthy ego. You will never obtain money through magick until you can perceive all you have and become grateful. You will never attract your true soul mate until you have learned to love yourself and set addictions aside, along with other behaviors that destroy the body. “As within so without”.

Take these principles and place them into your toolbox and use them regularly. Then you will see all areas of magick and personal empowerment rise to unimaginable levels. I myself have gone through situations that have proved why these principles remain at the nucleus of all we do within Ordo Drakontia. I had to get down to basics. This is it right here. This is the foundation. Build the foundation. Then devour, destroy, become or be crushed!


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