Kurtis Joseph

I am not an occult author. In fact, first and foremost I am an occultist which was gifted the Drakonian Arkanum beginning with my studies of martial art and eastern philosophy. If I were to keep it short and sweet, I am simply an occultist who meticulously records his experiences, results, and wisdom obtained through application. After the process of recording my experiences I simply publish and share them with the world.

However, it is more complex than that. You see, upon performing my first candle spell I became aware of an inner voice that guided me. This inner voice was not some inner dialogue. It was much more than that because it aided me in attaining everything I have gained up until now. It helped bring forth the teachers I needed which I thought were nowhere to be found. It helped me eat and make money as a runaway living on the streets from the ages of 16-21.

This inner guidance also brought great obstacles into my life which helped to grow in wisdom and power to increase my influence in the world. This influence was not granted to feed or fluff my ego either. It was given to me in order to do what I am doing right now… I was given this wisdom in order to share it.

This guiding force later made itself known as THE Dragon. Some would call this guiding force the “source” in modern new age movements. Some have accepted fragments of what this “source” is through religion. However, through that religious dogma the truth of its power and influence which resides within each one of us have been occulted or veiled. This Dragon is beyond concepts of duality such as “God” or “Goddess”, or the Devil. In fact, these seemingly opposing male and female principles of male and female can be seen as the wings of the Dragon which allow it to soar through the collective consciousness of mankind!

I am nothing, yet because of that I hold the potential of all. It is my job to ignite that potential within you. The alchemical principles shared throughout my teachings have been obtained by daemons, which the profane call angels and demons. These daemons have worked through people and circumstance, omens and oracles to ensure that I could point you toward the way of self-mastery and self-actualization.

This tradition is not something to be adhered to. It is an avenue of personal exploration of the divine potential within. It is my gift to humanity, and all will benefit regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation or preference. ALL ARE WELCOME, for all are Scales upon the body of the ONE DRAGON. Who is Kurtis Joseph? I am you. You are me. Unite with the body of the Dragon and bring forth the change that is needed by becoming that change. Embody it and embrace it!

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