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Scales of the Dragon!
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Scales of the Dragon!
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Welcome to

Ordo Drakontia!

We are a world wide network of independent warriors, sorcerer’s and magickian’s seeking to rewrite history and spirituality for the greater good of mankind and our birthright to rule over our own lives!

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We provide an opportunity to progress within a way of life which transcends the duality of light and darkness, good and evil, and most importantly magick and life. Through the Drakonian alchemy upon this path you will be forged as the Sword of the Dragon to cut down the limitations of self and the potential of mankind.

Ordo Drakontia and the inherent mysteries (The Drakonian Arkanum) will be the impetus in the next step of evolution for mankind and the world as we know it. This is achieved through a specific path of alchemical magick and the development of self through martial arts training and self-discipline. Whether you want to apply the teaching in our grimoires, video courses, or hire me to help you in your process of transifiguration the mysteries of Drakonian Consciousness will unlock your potential in very powerful ways..

The Drakonian magick in our grimoires will offer you an alchemical process of transformation that is unlike anything else ever written, helping to aid you in becoming Drako Kadmon, he who follows in the footsteps of K-Ain. He who is no-thing incarnate, therefore holding the potential of all Angelic and Demonic potential of blessing and blight within.

Video Courses will guide you step by step into various aspects of our tradition dealing with magick and combative philosophy which allows the adept to master the art of expressing the human body. This helps anchor even more spiritual power in the flesh. Never will we simply resell the material in our books. The video courses complement the books in many ways while also offering deeper insight into the Arkanum of the Dragon.

My rituals are designed to go beyond obtaining money, sex, or career. Through the alchemical rituals provided within the praxis of Ordo Drakontia you will gain success in these areas by creating change within the source of these successes… THAT SOURCE IS SELF! Allow me to compel the Zodiacal demon and Angel of your zodiacal sign to blast open doors which remain closed in your birth chart. Or allow me to evoke a specific Angelic or Demonic ruler along with your highest divine consciousness within the same Drakonian Triangle of Alchemical Transference to unite you with that primal spiritual power. This will ignite the process of opening the Eye of the Dragon while jumpstarting your entire life experience to divine levels! These are but a couple examples of the rites performed on behalf of our students in order to create world change through the individual. Not only are these rites much more affordable than our so called “competitors”, a portion of the proceeds will ALWAYS go towardcharity (Feeding America and Habitat for Humanity) so that we can make a REAL and practical impact upon the world. In this way Ordo Drakontia is a vehicle through which we as a collective can help better this world and become the change we seek in the name of the Dragon.

Welcome to our Temple! Get ready to soar as we show you how to rise upon the wings of the Dragon